Day 8

Our last day in Stour Space has been one of mixed feelings. It had been a day of pride because we completed the challenge and finalised our project but it has also been a day of reflection and wishing that perhaps we had a little more time to breathe in the air of this contested but yet beautiful area of East London.

The main task of today was to bring everyone together and create two posters for the Friday exhibition. This required to digitalise the majority of the materials created during the week so it was largely a computer based job.


After the posters were completed and everyone was happy with the result we had a lunch break and enjoyed the sunny and warm weather. This was followed by the option between staying in Stour Space and attending a public speaking workshop or doing gardening at R-Urban for the rest of the evening. Half of the group stayed for the workshop which gave us great insights into the best ways to remain confident when speaking to large audiences and the other half helped out at the mobile garden city hence spending two productive hours helping the local communities.

Considering that some of us had not previously visited Hackney Wick, it is very interesting to reflect on our perception of the area before and after completion of the Global Citizenship Program. Lucia, one of our group members said that “before the program I had not really thought about the impacts of the construction of the Olympic Park and the regeneration in East London. However, (Un)urban has given me a new invaluable insight into how this urban development has affected long established local communities.”

To conclude, even though we finished the program we are all every excited to present our solution in tomorrow’s exhibition and share our ideas with the rest of the strands and organisations that took part in the Global Citizenship Program this year. Special thanks to our navigator Katharina Schöffman for facilitating our learning process throughout the past two weeks and always motivating us and praising us for our ideas.


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