09.06.16: Last Day in Hackney

It was our last day at Stour Space in Hackney and the penultimate day of the Global Citizenship Programme. The first half of the day was spent in the studio working on our posters (surprisingly difficult with one laptop and a bunch of hungry students) but we ended up with something that we can all be proud of, that tries to address not only the physical issues of the Mobile Garden City but the issues surrounding the infrastructure too. IMG_20160609_120122

After lunch we chose between staying in Stour Space and participating in a workshop on public speaking or going to the garden again – to volunteer this time. After two months of revision and exams the outdoors option will always win for me, so off we headed in the blazing sun to harvest mint, paint storage containers and put up posters. It was the most lively I’d seen the garden in the few times I’d been there, and the massive group of UCL students pottering about managed to attract several curious people to come have a look around and find out about the space – maybe a glimpse into the idealised visions people had of the garden when they originally founded it.

Back to Bloomsbury for now

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