Day 7: People’s Pop-up Garden

Today the day begun quite stuttered, due to unfortunate train delays, but once everyone got here we were off and achieved a substantial amount of work. Though we did not physically leave and remained in Stour Space the whole day to ensure we could meet the deadline of 12pm tomorrow for our final outputs.

The first task we carried out was in small groups where we came up with a total of three personas (Graham T, Auntie Flower and lastly Kanye W) who would be currently taking up residence in the local area. To do this we used the skills we had gained from the human centred design skills workshop to try and fit into the “shoes” of the character to figure out their needs and wants.

Following this, using divergent thinking (which we were experts on from the workshop) we came up with ideas on how our task and these personas could interrelate. I was surprised by the large number of ideas which we came up with collectively, though I had very few. From this, the postic notes with the ideas were arranged into categories to help narrow down to key themes for the solution and two of these were chosen in relation to two personas to expand upon.

Lots and lots of ideas!!
                    Lots and lots of ideas!!

Splitting into two groups we chose to narrow down all these ideas into two feasible solutions, with the aid of convergent thinking. This entitled us to produce a storyboard, similar to the one from the second session of the human centred workshop, which would show  a narrative of our persona. We found this challenging as we did not always feels we were meeting the task such as reasons to why Auntie Flower would leave her home garden to visit the R-urban site.

And thus is was a good time for lunch!

From our “inspirational” lunch period, and brief discussion, we realised there were two parts to solving the problem with R-urban. These were –

  • How to raise awareness and make people know about the r-urban
  • Facilities/activities which would make people come and maintain their commitment

To carry this out we split into two groups, with the end products of a poster (for the first part) and a model of our proposed park called “People’s Pop-up Garden”. Personally I think the model looks great!

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