Day 7: Discussion and Prototyping

Later yesterday, our team set up a specific persona and utilized brainstorming to list all considerable needs in variety of aspects. Our persona is called Vic, who is 10-14 years old and is now living in Hackney Wick. We considered the unique aspects of needs of Vic yesterday.


Today, we come up with further needs for Vic and practice brainstorming a lot. Considering human-centered design, we come up with new ideas that can help. Meanwhile, we make some changes based on every team member’s opinions in the process and improve our solutions. Then, we face two difference directions: individual issues and needs & connections with other groups of people. So we have a discussion on which of the two shall we focus on. We finally decide to emphasis more on individual issues and needs, which is more important.


In order to bridge the community, there are several ways to improve it. We can not only setting up activities for children and workshops for older people, but also build up the connections between the two age groups together. Afterwards, we reorganize the order of all the ideas and classify them into different themes: Aspirations-career, education, access, skills, sports, gardening, financial, counselling, entrepreneurship, mentoring, leisure, interaction with artists, working experiences and internship. We choose two most related and representative themes: working experience&aspiration-career&mentoring and art&gardening&education&leisure. Then, our team vote for the most likely to delight people, the most likely to succeed and the most likely to break through innovations. So better solutions are left.

Then, our group is divided into two small groups. One starts the consideration and discussion in the prospective of students coming to Here East while the other group starts in the viewpoint of people living in Here East going to have a connection with students. In order to motivate students to come to hackney wick, firstly, Here East can provide commute coaches for students, which makes it easier and more convenient for students to come to Here East. Secondly, A ranking of Top 5 extra-curriculum courses can be taken inside the school so that students can choose what courses they are interested in and they will definitely have a great passion to come to Here East to study. An introduction of gardening can be taught in school so that students can have a better understanding beforehand. Then, gardening workshops are held in Here East and welcome students to come. Besides, schools can award students for attendance of classes in Here East and the award ceremony can be held in Here East so that students will have a better connection with Here East. Furthermore, for students whose parents do not have a job, schools can organize an introduction in school and guide students to experience more in Here East so that students get to know how important a job is and encourage them to have passion in working.


In the afternoon, we try to perfect our design in three categories: introduction, interaction and long-term continuity and start prototyping. After 10 minutes, we decide to split into two groups. One is working on students in Year 6 in primary school and the other is working on junior high students from year 7 to year 9. In prototyping, we cover sports, science, technology innovation, art and museum. In fact, each group separates each year into 3 terms so that for each term, students can take part in different activities, make an improvement throughout the period and make a great difference at the end of their junior high study.


Finally, we are separated into 3 groups. One is working on figures describing what to do, one is working on outcomes and the other one is working on motivations. We will continue to finish our solutions tomorrow!!

imgapp (1)

I learned a lot from today’s session. It not only improves my communication and other teamwork skills, but also help me make innovations through brainstorming sessions.



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