Investigating our senses

We all possess 5 senses. We smell, we hear, we taste, we touch, we see and – as yesterday’s VAK test showed – we all experience these in varying intensities. Today group 5 ventured out for another day of sensory exploration in the green spaces of the Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park.

With our Sensory Notation Tool booklets in hands, group 5 visited a total of three different green spaces in the park: Timber Lodge cafe, Victory park and Tallow Bridge green space. Although seemingly everyday spaces that one probably wouldn’t think twice about when visiting, the activity we completed was fascinating in its ability to reveal just how powerful our senses can be.

For example, it became clear that external influences such as simply the time of day or the weather conditions can have a huge impact on a person’s response to a space. In Victory Park, for example, some of us discussed how (compared the the dreary drain and afternoon emptiness of the day before) the mid-morning sun and presence of mothers and baby’s brought a whole new life to the space, and a new personal response to it as a result.

The task also brought to the forefront different individualities amongst the group in terms of the way we experience spaces through our senses, as well as common likes and dislikes. For example, some amongst the group adored the visual saturation that the mirror maze in Victory Park provided, whilst for others this was more creepy and overwhelming. Common themes that everyone shared however included the sounds of birds, and the smell that hot rain created.

The highlight to the day was of course all sharing a picnic under a tree in the grass by Tallow Bridge, followed by a game. To me this was the epitome of a pleasant green space sensory experience: warmth from the sun, the sight of smiles (see below!), moving around for the game, the sound of birds, and of course the taste of nice food! It has been a good day.

 image1                             image2


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