Day 7: A Match Made In Hackney

As we were coming to the last days of the Global Citizenship Programme we knew that it was time to bring our research and ideas to life. The day began with the team further discussing and finalising the potential concepts to use and after heavy brainstorming and poodle-drawing, we were able to narrow down to two brilliant ideas: A ‘speed dating’ app and a wedding.

All of this was displayed in one big story-board


Prototype 1: A Speed Dating Community Events App

So one of the issues we had was thinking of a way to congregate members of the Hackney Wick area, old+new and develop a tight knit, cohesive community. The answer was that an app can take you very far in this day and age. Without going into too much detail, the app is centred on advertising sporadic featured events funded by Creative Wick to help newer residents as well as old to familiarise with each other and share their wealth of expertise. Essentially, we want this app to be a tool any member of the community can use to organise events and network with their neighbours.

A possible feature in the app is a profiling map:

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Prototype 2: The Wedding Of Hackney Wick

Whaaaaaaaat?! Yes, you’ve seen it all now. But It’s now 2016 so i guess places can get married too…? To themselves? Oh get over it!

This idea here intrigued me the most, I heard in some countries when a influx of new people settle in a neighbourhood they throw a big party to solidify themselves into the community. So we thought why not do the same here in the form of a ‘marriage’ ceremony? Hopefully at this event the residents of Hackney Wick can come down to celebrate a new beginning and eat some cake or whatever wedding-y stuff people do. Everyone’s invited!

After a lot (A LOT) of divergent and convergent thinking our team did a great job to generate two solid and very realistic ideas. All in all it was a very productive day that puts us in a strong position for the final two (L) days so we definitely can be proud of what we have learned and achieved thus far.

WhatsApp-Image-20160608 (9)
The Wedding Invitation

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