(Un)urban Day 6-Divide and Conquer

Today is what we call THE PRODUCTIVE DAY! Despite the fact that we have only 4 group members today, we completed our task very efficiently. We split up into groups of two- to interview our challenge setter and to walk around Hackney Wick and Fish Island to “prey on” potential interviewee. Both the team completed the task independently then consolidated the information we gathered.

Our Challenge Setter and “bonus”

We had a good lunch break together, enjoying the view from Stour Space. We talked about food, culture, ducks…(oops, is this part of Unurban? Oh well, joy should be part of this programme isn’t it?)

Back to topic, we all thought that interview is going to be an intimidating task. We were expecting to receive a lot of rejections, that people might not want to be interviewed. BUT, it came to our surprise that people actually want to talk! When we were interviewing our challenge setter from Creative Wick, the artist sitting nearby overheard our discussion which drew his attention and he later joined in the interview. So, that’s a bonus for us 😉

Our Persona(s) from street interview

We also interviewed people from different background (e.g. our navigator who is also a local residence in HW, the gallery manager in Stour Space, a cyclist we met by the river bank, the programme manager from Hub67 and a day tripper who came all the way from Isle of Dogs JUST FOR THE EVIRONMENT and FOOD/BEER from Crate)

The interview process was very interesting and informative. We received very different views about the development that results from QEOP where some dislike the development that causes increase in housing prices whilst some states the importance of QEOP in providing more job opportunities. A few issues such as gentrification and the need to improve the sense of community seemed to be the main concern for most of the local residence.

After the lunch break, we started the process of divergent-and-convergent thinking to brainstorm ideas for our challenge. Sneak peek to what we have so far:


This slideshow requires JavaScript.


Want to know what ideas we came up with? Stay tuned!


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