Group 1: Approaching the challenge

We started the day with an inspiring panel discussion on green urban initiatives. The first speaker Joyce Veheary talked about her Lend and Tent project, then we listened to two representatives from the Mobile Garden and finally Gary Grant focused on the importance of urban greenery. After that, we were given a challenge from R-Urban Mobile Garden City, which we then discussed in groups and reported back to the panelists for some feedbacks.

In the afternoon, we focused on interview research methods and learn how successfully conduct interviews, which will be essential when we start the real challenge next week. We learned about different types of questions, to plan our research and make a discussion guide. All these elements will be needed when approaching people from the organisations and the local community. Lastly, each group gathered together to give its preference between the challenges that were offered.

We have now the theoretical and practical tools to start approaching our challenge. It is amazing how much we all learned in only four days and I think the enthusiasm of everyone has progressively grown. Why? I believe it’s because we all suddenly realised that with this program we can actually bring about some important and positive change. We all realised that if we gather together, we can be successful and come up with some precious ideas. It doesn’t matter how big they are. What matters is that by the end of next week we will all have had an active role in our society and this is what being a global citizen means.


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