Group 1: (Un)Urban Day 3 – Diversity & Drive

What is home?

To some, this question is easily answered, and to others an impossible task. For those who decided to plant their roots here, how can we encourage them own their space and make it their own? For those whose roots have grown long and deeply entrenched, how do we continue making this city theirs too?

All of us, all of our unique differences, together in harmony in one city: is it possible?

So many questions, so few certain answers.

Yet, we still try. We still try in our own ways to make our home welcome to all. We discovered needs, we innovated solutions, and tested, failed, and tried and tried till we succeeded. Of course, the ‘we’ here might not be us right now, but a ‘we’ we could be. If we wanted to be.

Do you?

The task is far harder than just copy and pasting solutions from other cities. The task is far more challenging than just sitting around and pushing theories around. You requires empathy, determination, creativity, and most of all, humility. The empathy to listen, the determination to push pass failures, the creativity to construct the future, and the humility to listen to those whose voices need our understanding the most. Change needs the mind, the heart and the drive, as pointed rightly by Mdm. Judy today.

Do you care? Would you understand?

Will you try?

Who knows? I certainly don’t. But you do.

So, will you?


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